What we like, what inspires us, what we care about

our very first model, Mia-V.

Thanks you Mia-V. for being such a sport and supporting us from day one.

Aidan and Barbara, the kitten

After his first session of modelling some of our tees it was time for a break

No one does it better

a current Banksy, we suspect, another artist which addresses the 'unresolved' with uncanny observation and reduction.

Photo by @sovereign6ix

thank you Sana, @sovereign6ix and gurji, (@gurji.g) for doing this shoot

Jean-Michel Basquiat

If ever there was an 'observationalist' about bringing to light the 'unresolved', it was him.

Aidan, musician, artist and model

He want's it, he get's it


wearing it and posing for this great shot is @itsme_mehdi. Shot in Morocco, his home country.

Our two arrow logo

why did we create this simple image to represent who we, UNRSLVD, are? Over time you will find out.